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Description of Citymobil Taxi

Citymobil is an app for quick and simple taxi ordering at a reasonable price. In order to get more rides, they should cost little.

Citymobil combines a variety of functions for convenient and cost-effective taxi rides:

Taxi order is easier than before! You can order a taxi in a few clicks, selecting your starting point and destination. If you prefer to choose your direction during the ride, you’ll enjoy “Tell the Driver” option, which allows you to inform the driver on your point of arrival on the ride.

We take special care of your safety. Our professional drivers can be trusted to ride safely, they will deliver you door to door.

Taxi is no longer a luxury. Rides with Citymobil cost so little that “taxiportation” across the city is affordable to everyone.

Want to know all the details? The app allows you to learn driver’s details before the ride. You may review the driver to help us offer you experienced and friendly drivers only.

Everything for your convenience. The app suggests previously added addresses in time. The most important ones may be added to bookmarks.

Taxi for any taste and budget. Choose your rate before ordering a car. There are 4 available:

• “Economy” suits those who prefer to save money.
• “Comfort” is for those who like comfort at affordable prices.
• “Business” fits those who choose premium cars and the best drivers.
• “Minivan” will be great for those who need more space, like a big family.

And what is more, “Comfort”, “Business” and “Minivan” users will get a 10% cashback in points after each trip.

Ride anytime. If you should go right now, a taxi will come in a few minutes. If you are planning your trip beforehand, just specify a convenient pickup time.

Enjoy extra options. No more need to ask the driver to put a child seat in the car, carry out a pet, drive on a dedicated lane. Just choose the desired options in the app.

Any destinations. You can easily take a taxi to Domodedovo, Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo airports and back. Go anywhere in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Zelenograd, Odintsovo, Mytishchi, and Krasnogorsk, making as many stops as you want to make.

Any kind of payment. Pay with cash, cards or Google Pay.

Citymobil meets you halfway. We grant you discounts and a variety of helpful promo сodes for inviting your friends to the app.

We are always available! Order a taxi by phone by calling +7 (495) 500-50-50. If any question, feel free to ask us in the chat. We are available 24/7.

We want to grow and develop so that we kindly ask you to leave feedback on drivers, service quality and anything else worth your attention. This helps us to get better.

Email: apps@city-mobil.ru

Our website: http://city-mobil.ru

Version history Citymobil Taxi
New in com.citymobil 4.29.1
The new tariff info screen: the ability to request a taxi directly from the rate screen, images of cars and descriptions of benefits designed as small cards.
New in com.citymobil 4.28.0
We are constantly improving our app so that you could easily order a taxi.
New in com.citymobil 4.26.3
Good update!
Together with Dobro Mail.ru we launched, perhaps one of the most important features of this year!
For the first time in the history of taxi services in Russia, we have built a donation mechanism directly into the mobile application - one click at the end of the trip will do a good deed.
You can read the details in the “Good kilometers” section. There you can adjust the percentage of the donation that you would like to make at the end of each trip.
Turn your trips into good!
New in com.citymobil 4.26.0
Hello! We have useful updates:
- Added emoji, so you can estimate operator work in the chat support. Your opinion is important for us!
- Added separate card for bonuses in the "Promocodes" screen. By clicking on it, you can see detailed information, the history of expenses and charges.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New in com.citymobil 4.25.0
We have good news and updates for you! Now the mobile application using will be even more convenient.
So what we did:
- Changed the overall style of the application, made a new convenient menu, changed the icons and colors
- Brought the option of ordering several machines on the main screen, so that it was convenient to track orders and cars, without going to the menu
- Updated car icons on the map
- Now the icon color of the assigned driver car on the map matches to the real car color
New in com.citymobil 4.24.1
We read your reviews and strive to make updates most efficient. We want you to continue choosing taxiportation so we rolled out some cool updates:
— Tariff icons redesigned—choose your favorite one easily.
— Added a new «Drive to my location» feature. Send your coordinates to the driver asking him to drive to your exact location point.
— «Ride information» screen updated.
— Various improvements and bug fixes.
New in com.citymobil 4.23.1
We’re steadily working to make your Citymobil experience the best it can possibly be.
New in com.citymobil 4.23.0
We’re steadily working to make your Citymobil experience the best it can possibly be.
New in com.citymobil 4.22.1
Background improvements to improve app performance.
New in com.citymobil 4.22.0
Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New in com.citymobil 4.21.0
We carefully and painstakingly reworked the design and logic of the promo codes section!
Activate and swap promo codes - you decide which one to use.

And, of course, we added a new and useful feature: now you will see all the fiscal receipts in the trips history - for the main trip and a separate fiscal receipt with a tip, in case you decide to please our drivers.
New in com.citymobil 4.20.0
A trip made your day? Now you can tip the driver directly from the app, even if you don’t have any cash. Oh and by the way, “Rate your trip” screen got a fresh new look too!
New in com.citymobil 4.18.2
-Now you can choose your preferred payment method on the "Payment methods" screen
-Show the car number in the trip information screen when you are on the way
-Cleaned up code, got rid of the minor bugs
New in com.citymobil 4.17.2
We take special care to make our app convenient and easy-to-use for you.
The app shows the time left until the end of the ride and the approximate arrival time.
We wish you to have nice trips with Citymobil Taxi!
New in com.citymobil 4.17.1
Here’s what’s new in the update:
- New address search screen
- Added the ability to save a favorite address from the map
- Reduced application start time
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
New in com.citymobil 4.16.0
Catch a bunch of today’s updates:
- Сhooce a suitable payment method—Google Pay is now available.
- Watch your driver finishing the ride and driving to you.
- Specify a building entrance number after your order.

There are no little things when it comes to your safety. The carrier’s company name and ITN are included in your ride details.

Keep the app updated so you'll always be the first to discover our latest improvements.
New in com.citymobil 4.14.1
Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New in com.citymobil 4.14.0
Ta-da! We fixed bugs on typing addresses. Now they are displayed correctly.
New in com.citymobil 4.13.1
You will now know for sure where the car will stop. Follow its route live on the map.
Welcome improved address suggestions, which would minimize typing errors.
We also started testing a new feature to display the user-to-driver route when a car is assigned. We are pleased to receive any feedback.
And various background improvements to enhance app performance.
Hurry up to update!
New in com.citymobil 4.12.4
And here came the new update, with such imperceptible, but such important fixes and improvements.
Well, here is just one new design of the pop-ups! Hurry up to be updated!
New in com.citymobil 4.12.3
You will not see anything new in this update! Because everything is hidden inside!
Have cleaned the code, have removed a little extra and have added some missed things.
Oh yes! We also repainted the maps - now the brand manager will be pleased. We hope you will too.
New in com.citymobil 4.12.2
- Added the ability for configuring intermediate points in the options of the trip.
- Added notification about award upgrade of car class for order
- Made a lot of minor changes and improvements
Update, try and send a feedback
New in com.citymobil 4.11.0
- Updated displaying of trip route
- Updated selecting of children's chairs
- Fixed bugs
- Increased application stability
New in com.citymobil 4.10.0
Fixed bugs and improved stability of the application
New in com.citymobil 4.9.0
In this version:
- Updated login screens
- Address search made more convenient
- Updated application icons
- Fixed bugs

If you have any questions about our app, please write us at apps@city-mobil.ru
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